About us

Our company was founded in January 1954 by Günter Schwartpaul. The company was located in Reichstraße 40/42 in Plettenberg-Eiringhausen.

At the 15. February 1972 the company moved to a larger building in the industrial area Plettenberg-Siesel. Since then the business location has not moved.

In January 1992 the company was transformed into a “GmbH” (limited company). Klaus Schmidt became shareholder and chief executive officer of the Maschinen Schwartpaul GmbH.

In two storehouses with a capacity of 1400 sqm and our showroom with 400 sqm we have 500 new and used machines in store: eccentric and hydraulic presses up to 300 tons engine power, drilling machines, automatic-, engine- and bar lathes, automatic punching presses, milling machines, screw cutting lathes, grinding machines, hack-, band- and circular saws, plate shears

We refurbish used machines in our own workshop.

We permanently buy used machines and production equipment.